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The 2023 TKA Tournament Season is Complete!!

Thank you to all the competitors that have competed this year!!

For all competitors competing for points, you must be a TKA member in order for your points to count towards your reward.   So if you have not became a member yet, you still have time.  You have to have your membership current by the December 31st deadline for your points to count.  

Thank you all from the TKA!!

Also,  All TKA Memberships will expire on December 31, 2023.    You can purchase your 2024 membership at anytime.  Just contact the TKA office or go to the office to complete your membership form and get your 2024 membership card. 

The TKA Banquet for the 2023 Season is on Saturday, February 24, 2024.   More information will be posted here so check back often, please.

Indiana Tournaments


Pennsylvania Tournaments