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Thank you for attending our tournament Saturday!

Thank you for everyone that attended the Shirokai Showdown.     The tournament was a great success because of all special competitors that attended.    Wow, we are down to the last tournamnet of 2022.  And, IT IS IN 3 DAYS.   This tourmament is a double points event and so if you are close to to the top three, this could be your chance to when an award.    It is also not to late to because a TKA member.   You have until December 31st to make your points count.   December 31st is also when your TKA 2022 membership expires.  The 2023 sesaon will start in February and the Awards banquet is in the evenings of the first scheduled tournament.  Maore news on that will be available soon!! 

Important:  It is mandatory to bring your own equipment to the tournaments.  You have to have a headguard and mouthpiece.

Indiana Tournaments

11th - Foreman's Karate & Fitness **Double Points**

Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Double Points for the last tournament of 2022 season.  Foreman’s Karate and Fitness would be honored for all this year’s competitors to attend on December 3rd. The location is at Inspire Academy Gymnasium, 2801 E 16th St., Muncie, IN 47302.   Competitor fees are $45.00 for current TKA members, $50 for non-members, family of 3 is $100.00 for TKA Members and $150.00 for non-members, Spectator fee is $5.00 with children under 5 free.  The doors open at 8:00am, Black-belt meeting at 9:30am and tournament begins at 10:00am. The events are Kata, Kumite, Musical Kata, Self-defense and Weapons.  Please remember to bring your own equipment.  Entry forms can be sent in now and can be downloaded/printed from For additional information contact TKA office at (765) 288-5000.

Pennsylvania Tournaments